A new Identibadge product to ensure the confidentiality of your visitors but without the need to issue and wear a badge.

This spiral bound pad has a top sheet with hidden fields for data protection and a second sheet with no hidden fields which retains your visitor's information in a concealed manner.

These sheets are glued together along the 3 open sides so your visitor details remain hidden.

This 2 part system is repeated throughout the pad.

Always use a black pen.

Once the top sheet has been filled in completely, tear it out along the perforated edge and file it accordingly for Fire Register purposes. If there is a need to view a visitor’s details simply tear along the perforation to view the second sheet.

25 entries per page, 20 sealed sets per refill (500 entries in total per refill).

Options are:

IBVB-GDPR: Binder with refill


Visitor GDPR Compliant Line Entry Books

  • Product Code: IBR-GDPR IBVB-GDPR
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Description
  • £26.50 (+vat)

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