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How to Guarantee a Safe & Secure Workplace
In this day and age, safety and security in the workplace has never been more important. Although digital methods of keeping your workforce safe are becoming more prevalent, the traditional solutions are still as relied upon as ever. Here are 3 ways that ID badges can help keep your workplace safe and secure:
5 Irritating Things About Badges (and their solutions!)
ID badges are incredibly useful pieces of equipment… and can also be incredibly annoying. Here is our list of 5 irritating things about badges, and their simple solutions.
5 Products Guaranteed to Make Your Business More Secure
In this world of digital threats to your business’ security, it can be easy to forget the real-world products that protect your premises and your people. It’s simpler and more affordable than ever before to keep your building safe – and here are just 5 of our top solutions:
The Hidden World of the ‘Lanyard Looters’
Gone are the days when lanyards were simply used to help identify the person whose neck they hung around. Now, lanyards are genuine collector’s items – and some of the most unique designs are incredibly sought-after by this avid community
Enhance Your Brand in Just One Simple Step
There is one simple solution to enhancing your corporate branding, looking more professional and impressing your visitors… and it costs far less in time and money than you’d think.
Products You Must Have For Your Next Event
Planning events can be time consuming and stressful, especially when considering the safety of both your attendees and staff. Here are 3 recommended products to help eliminate the hassle from your event security:
Why Bespoke Lanyards Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Plan
If you haven’t already considered your marketing plan for this year, now is the perfect time to do so. A good marketing plan considers how your brand will be presented across as many platforms as possible, including on your website, social media, email, direct mail, and events.
The Ten Best Uses for Lanyards
A lanyard is often the best instant form of identification, and instils a feeling of trust, confidence and safety. Here are ten of the best ways you can use lanyards to your advantage
Why Should Your Business Choose Identibadge?
There are plenty of identification solution providers out there – so what makes Identibadge such a brilliant choice for so many UK businesses?
Is Your Brand Strong Enough?
Picture the scene: you’re at an exhibition, and your business is struggling to make an impact with the passersby. Sure, you’ve attracted them to your booth, you’ve pitched your business to them, you may have even given them a brochure to take away. But can you be sure that they’ll read it?
How To Make Your Business Look Its Best
When you’re expecting visitors to your building, you can be sure that from the moment they enter they will be making a note of the legitimacy and professionalism of your brand. Is your business well presented? When they sign themselves in, they’ll be taking note of your visitor book. Is it tatty and cheap looking? They may question your dedication if it seems like you couldn’t care less about the small details.
The Small Cost of The Right First Impression
What is a great first impression worth? A first impression cannot be rebought. It cannot be retried. It is your one chance to create trust and faith from the very beginning of a relationship. First appearances matter, and when it comes to your business, it could be the difference between success and failure.
How to Give Your Visitors The Wow Factor
Your brand needs to stand out from the crowd to excel: blending in with everyone else will get you nowhere. You need your brand and your logo to be displayed with pride – front and centre. Identibadge understands the need for the wow factor. We know how important it is for your business to shine, to catch everyone’s eye at every available opportunity.
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